How Avion Brings User Story Mapping To Product Teams using Meteor

Avion — User Story Mapping For Product Teams

At its core, Avion is a tool that enables product teams to build, plan, and prioritize their backlogs better, using the technique outlined above — user story mapping.

What You Can Do With Avion

Avion helps teams:

Why Avion Chose Meteor

An early version of Avion was built using a framework called FeathersJS. Though the Avion team enjoyed some elements of Feathers, there were also some frustrating restrictions of the framework at the time, such as filtering and manipulating published data to connected clients.

“Meteor gave us the ability to create a fully real-time application with absolute ease”

If you want to build a real-time application that has connected clients using websockets, there really aren’t many other frameworks that will cater for this need. As is often done, comparing Meteor to frameworks like Next and Gatsby — is like comparing Apples to Oranges — these frameworks do completely different things. Meteor gave us the ability to create a fully real-time application with absolute ease. Avion also proves that Meteor is not just a tool for building prototypes; we are live and have not struggled to scale at all.

Avion’s Tech Stack

The Avion team insisted on a real-time web application. They wanted users to see updates without ever having to click Refresh, giving them that same collaborative experience and real-time feel of moving Post-Its around on a wall.

A Consistent Front and Back-End Infrastructure

As Meteor automatically syncs the data between the front and back-end, Avion’s stack is very simple. They only decouple aspects of the Meteor application where it makes sense, using core AWS services, such as Lambda functions, SQS queues and SNS emailing.

Current Challenges and Future Goals for Avion

2020 was an amazing year of growth for Avion, which ended with them securing a seed round of investment from Haatch Ventures, who work with Marvel and Poplar.

Current Tech Challenge — Scale, Scale, Scale!

Avion offers tight two-way integrations with backlog tools like Jira, Trello, and GitHub. But due to the nature of their integrations, the Avion application can receive thousands of updates per second, that their system needs to queue and deal with. The Avion team is working hard to ensure their infrastructure can continue to scale up and handle this level of traffic.

What’s Next for Avion

Over 2021, the Avion team is looking to build out their platform to offer more value to product teams, including road mapping and alternative prioritization techniques.



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